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Dick Corp. Moving to Southside

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I'm not sure how big this is, because I don't know much about Dick Corp. But it's another company moving in from outside the city.

I think my favorite part of the article is this quote from the VP:"We like the location of the SouthSide Works. We like the whole atmosphere of being walking distance away from restaurants and retail for our employees and the close proximity of the city and the airport."

I think this is great because it's not a "young" or "hip" company like AE (I don't think?) moving to something urban and walkable. They seem to be doing it because it's a convenient location and a good, walkable, smart thing to do for their employees. Maybe this will start a bit of a trend away from the anonymous, sprawling suburban office park.

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I think Dick Corp is a construction company. Definitely not what you would think of as "young" and "hip." I'm glad to see that AE isn't the only business coming into the city. :)

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The article is missing the "reshuffling the deck" comment from a local "real estate expert"!

Anyways... nice to see local corporations thinking "urban".

Dick Corp. is a very big deal in their industry... but it doesn't sound like their HQ is going to be too huge... I couldn't tell from the article if those "80 jobs" were new jobs or just relocated jobs.


Dick Corp. built PNC FirstSide Center... and the tallest skyscraper in Hawaii

Degrees they recruit:

Architectural Engineering

Civil Engineering

Construction Management

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Health & Safety

Information Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Project Accounting

Colleges they visit:

Arizona State University

Clemson University

Carnegie Mellon University

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Ohio State University

Pennsylvania State University

University of Pittsburgh

Robert Morris College

St. Vincent College

West Virginia University

Seems pretty "young and hip" to me!

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