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75th Anniversary of Murder Mystery of RJ Reynolds Son

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For a taste of the Winston-Salem of the 20s and 30s, check out the Winston-Salem Journal's series on the mysterious death of Z. Smith Reynolds, the youngest son of R.J. Reynolds. At the time, Smith was married to Libby Holman, then one of the brightest stars on Broadway. His death occured in July of 1932 at Reynolda, the family estate that is now the Reynolda House Museum of American Art. While his death was officially ruled a suicide, Libby Holman was indicted for his murder and the case garnered national attention including front-page articles in the New York Times as Smith and Libby as well as Smiths siblings, RJR jr, Nancy and Mary had residences in Manhattan and were closely followed by the NY society pages.

The first article in the 5 part series is here:


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