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Evansville - City has plans for downtown city block

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The City of Evansville is nearing completion of plans to purchase the old Greyhound bus station in downtown. This purchase will complete the city's redevopment board's aquistion of the "Kenny-Kent" block that us to house a sizable car dealership on most of that location by that name. The city hopes to redevelop the site as a mixed commercial with boutique shops, restaurants, and bars; or as possibly a new greenspace downtown.

City funds for a new Greyhound bus station are part of the deal to acquire the current property, while the city has no plans on tearing down the current station; so its incorporation into the site's future redevelop looks promising.

Read the story here at the Evansville Courier-Press. The Courier-Press is is a very solid paper and does a great job on covering the city's news in its local section.

It sounds like the city is really being proactive in trying to redevelop this sizable site in downtown, which will be great for the current revitalization efforts in downtown, of which a large part is currently condo and residential projects. The current mayor, Jonathan Weinzapfel, has been a very big proponent of revitalizing the downtown and has made it as major focus of his administration from what I have read.

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