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Above Jacksonville

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I stumbled across the website for the recently completed 11 East Forsyth apartment tower in downtown Jax. Here are some pics showing aerial views of downtown from the building.

11 East Forsyth Apartments


these aerials are a couple of years old, but they show the location of 11 East Forsyth and give you a feel for downtown Jax, in general.



a couple of views from 11 East Forsyth








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11 East Forsyth is a 126 unit loft apartment adaptive re-use project utilizing the former 17 story Lynch Building. The tower was constructed as an office building in 1926 and for many years was the headquarters of American Heritage Life (AHL) Insurance company, whose offices are now in the suburbs.

The project has been so successful that Vestcor (the developers) have purchased the former 13 story Roosevelt Hotel, a block away, and are converting it into the Carlington, an 100 unit apartment tower with street retail.

The Carlington can be seen in the last photo. Its the large red brick building on the right. The new US Courthouse building can be seen next to it in the background.

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There must be some seriously massive demand for downtown housing in Jax since they are goign to build many more residential towers as in addition to the rennovation of these older ones. That's great news though-

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