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Top Volunteer Cities

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A ranking of the top volunteer cities is here on pages 14 (by volunteer rate) and 16 (by volunteer hour)

Memphis? .. Either not in the top 50 of completely forgotten. Nashville (#19 by rate; #28 by hour) was the volunteer state's only representative.

Not surprising to me though because Memphians just don't trust one another enough to be very cooperative and civic minded

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Odd. A friend of mine tired to volunteer at St. Jude but there was a 3 month waiting list :lol: and a few of months ago, Memphis was listed as the 12th most charitable city:

(Average charitable contributions per person)

1. Salt Lake City $2,196

2. West PalmBeach, Fla. $1,874

3. Washington, D.C. $1,848

4. New York $1,819

5. San Francisco Bay Area $1,681

6. Atlanta $1,665

7. Baltimore $1,618

8. Birmingham, Ala. $1,524

9. Charlotte, N.C. $1,430

10. Los Angeles $1,422

11. Chicago $1,363

12. Memphis, Tenn. $1,336

13. Minneapolis-St. Paul $1,331

14. Dallas-Fort Worth$1,325

15. San Diego $1,322


I would take these kinds of lists with a grain of salt

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