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Charlotte Photo of the Day


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This isn't a Charlotte photo...obviously...but one I thought would be interesting just to show how far other cities, ok NYC, is pushing the envelope in terms of urban infill, and adaptive reuse. This high-rise addition is in the Lower East Side of Manhattan....obviously when you don't have to accomodate a garage, you can be more creative.


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I'm pretty sure that is still the old scoreboard backing, they've just removed the front side of it. They won't be installing the new screens until May.

I was just referring to the rafters, which I thought were supports originally, not the actual grey backer. Looks like those Panther heads may be coming down.

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Ah very nice all. So that scoreboard looks quite large on Panthers Stadium. I can't say I have ever been inside the stadium before, so hopefully I can go this year finally and really check this out.

I have seen games in Tempe AZ, Oakland, Candlestick, and about 7 games at my beloved Panthers...This is not home sidedness talking. B of A Stadium rocks and you owe it to yourself to experience at least 1 game a year. I guarantee you will be hooked. For the ultimate...buy tickets in upper deck across from the skyline view!!!

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This is Sardis Lane in South Charlotte (7 miles south of uptown) getting a new sidewalk. This shows Charlotte has many faces to show. It is the city of trees.


I used to love driving down this road back a couple years ago (5 or 6 give or take) it used to be very raw and undeveloped, still mostly is, but it had some nice curves and it was charlottes little "country road." Its a healthy length, goes from old providence to sardis and u could unwind for a bit. Great picture, thanks.

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