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Charlotte Photo of the Day

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On 9/1/2019 at 5:33 PM, Urban Cowboy said:


Thanks for my new screen saver for the week! I have always loved this gritty shot. The fence framing this scene really adds to it. Love it! Thanks for sharing! 


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In about 1980 the festival was far smaller than it became shortly afterward.  At the entrance  one year there was a firepit and a Greek man turning a spit with a goat on it. Authentic, I think so. A bit frightening for the children, maybe.

By far the largest number of Greek immigrants to Piedmont Carolina came from Evrytania. It was then one of the poorest regions of a poor country. Steep hillsides, fit for goat herding and smallholdings. A hard life if ever there was one. This paints as positive a picture of the land as possible from our current perspective:


[Calling Temeteron]

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