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Loving my new job. Pix4D is processing orthomosaic of the area now, and 3d update to Google Maps coming soon. Should have some cool video together as well! Still learning lightroom so forgive me for t

Got a picture of possible the most gorgeous sunrise yesterday morning!

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^^^ I hope all those lighted rooms in the Embassy Suites are actually guests and that would be a great thing.  Same for the Hampton Inn to the left.  The Hilton Garden Inn looks a little dark. 
Business travel needs to rebound if we hope to see new hotels built in uptown Charlotte. 
Just checked my Hilton Honors pricing and the best deals are all uptown hotels the Hilton is 136. uptown Embassy Suites 96 (which is a deal) Hilton Garden uptown 92 etc all for tomorrow night.  

I few days ago Embassy Suites were booked full for beginning of April. Although not sure if it’s due to hotel capacity being limited or because all rooms were booked. It is likely that there are guests in those rooms.
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2 hours ago, tozmervo said:

Was this the last you saw of it? 



That would've been totally worth it! I had it set up to follow my car on some back roads, but it couldn't keep up, traffic started lining up behind me, and snow banks kept me from pulling over. By the time I could turn around it had disappeared. I searched for a while hoping it had just gone back to where I launched it, but no luck!

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1 hour ago, turbocraig said:

This is an amazing shot!  But that damn uplight is STILL out on LU1.  My OCD....  :tw_confounded:

Awwww man why'd you have to mention that? I didn't notice it :tw_tired:

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