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14 hours ago, Tyrone Wiggum said:

A developer needs to park a tower - to the east I guess? - of Epicentre.  For decades it's bugged me - as far back as when Paul Cameron was the sports anchor on WBTV and Delano Little did Friday Night Football -  that the WBTV cam had a hole there.  Is that even a development spot?  Is that the Levine Wasteland?  Surely to goodness there's a developer who can put the original 50 story version in the hole?

All the development south of 277 and North Tryon and Brooklyn Village and the Atrium/Wake med tower are very welcome, just please, in my lifetime, fill that hole (save the obvious rejoinder or I shall bonk you to Horny Jail)!

CTC Station Redo will fix this. I also wouldn't be surprised to see BB&T imploded one day.

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As I mentioned at the time he says in this Washington Post interview that he goes out with a security person or two and maybe another tour member. The tour rules are that for covid safety no one enter a room or building other than what tour requires, thus the outside photo. The interview is about Mick's instagram account with visits to botanical gardens, the St Louis Arch, and other points of interest. Several of the interviewer's questions were about Thirsty Beaver as it stands apart from the other locations. Mick says he asks what is an interesting local location to visit and The Beaver was chosen. He says he "walked a block and there I was" so Gold Line was a possible transportation option but also a car and parking at some distance is possible. The interviewer continued to be surprised at the seeming unawareness of the customers and asked if the they were requested to look away (?!) Mick says it was dark and not too many customers so what one sees in the photo is what happened. Interviewer seemed unconvinced that Charlotte can provide one of the most famous people in the world the privacy and anonymity he deserves and so very rarely receives.

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Jeremy Markovich followed the story and posted on his substack with details including the owner knowing who the regulars were that evening and refusing to name them because they were regulars and needed no trouble from him.

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