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Charlotte Photo of the Day


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Went to Optimist Hall yesterday for lunch with a couple of co-workers. I had some pork Ramen for $14.00+ at this to-go spot (shall not be named) and it was the blandest Ramen I’ve ever had. A 20 cent Ramen package from the grocery store had more flavor.

That aside, this was the first time for me being out at Optimist Hall. As I was leaving, I noticed this view of Uptown from the 2nd level outside seating. It’s actually a pretty cool shot despite the elevation being lower than Uptown. I’m sure the view is going to change once the construction in front gets finished (whatever they are building there).


I’m pretty sure it’s a boutique office building.
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Not a picture post, but if you like to get on Google Earth and look at cities, Charlotte’s skyline was just updated to almost current(Duke tower halfway up). They appear to update the skyline on there every 2-3 years.  It’s interesting to see Southend’s emerging skyline, and to imagine what it will look like 3 years from now. 

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