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Charlotte Photo of the Day


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I love the “Ally” sign in PRIDE colors.

That shot doesn’t have the ally sign in pride colors, they’re in Juneteenth colors. (In the picture unless you’re referring to what you’ve seen before then don’t mind this comment. Lol.
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The changing face of Charlotte.

The old SouthPark is represented in the second photo, whereas, the new SouthPark is represented in the first photo.  These houses are directly across the street from each other.  I suspect that it’s a matter of time before the old house is razed.



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3 hours ago, dxartist said:

It's good to have the HeroesCon back after a 2 year hiatus.  I've attended this event for the first time in 1998 and only missed a few since.  I suspect some of you have attended this convention at one time or another.  

Unfortunately, there was no angle where I could get a shot of the entire thing.  The only angle I had was this one from one of the elevators.  Trust me, this was definitely larger than in years past in terms of amount of vendors and floor space leased. Shelton and staff did a great job once again.


I went this year. Had a blast looking at all of the vendors.

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On 6/29/2022 at 1:22 PM, Mid South NC said:

I must say the QC shined brightly in all her glory last night at the 7 hour, Def Leppard - Mötley Crüe - poison - Joan Jett Stadium tour at BofA! These Pic's don't do her justice! 



KJ, awaiting final attendance numbers to be released. Considering the multi year covid delay, 4:30 start time, 7 hour run time, and on a random Tuesday night before Independence Day weekend, I thought it was a phenomenal turnout, and all 4 acts killed it! Great times in the QC!!! 


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34 minutes ago, dxartist said:

While walking along East Blvd heading to South Blvd earlier today, I just happen to notice what appears to be a gazebo on top of this building.  This building sits near the corner right next to the Shell gas station. Admittedly, I've passed this building on the way home 100s of time and don't even bother to notice.  So I decide to use my less-than-amateur photography skills try to and take an "artistic" shot.


It’s been there as long as I can remember, but I’ve never seen anyone out there.  What a waste.  Always curious what that was. 

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One can see from the roofline and materials that the building is the sole remaining house on South Boulevard. If one walks around the building the elements of a residence are more in evidence. It has been renovated for commercial purposes several times and was commercial for all of my awareness. The rear and some of the sides of the house still show its origin. 

It is owned by Dominick Ristaino a longtime Dilworth resident. His company is Metropolitan Builders and Metropolitan Kitchens, housed in the building. He bought and renovated 329 E Park Avenue as his home and did a fine job saving that gracious home.

I walked past it once years ago when it was a furniture store. A man and woman were in the window adjusting a large "SALE" sign to determine just how high and centered the paper should be. I stood in front of the window watching them for a moment. They realized I was taken with their efforts. I rotated my arms to imply that the sign was upside down. They quickly pulled it down, looked, and laughed in embarrassment. Neither they nor I could hear each other. I walked on.

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