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Thanks for posting these. I've gone to this event several times, but completely missed that it was in town this time. I will say that it does look a lot smaller than in years past. Maybe it's the economy.

Actually, my Dad works at the event every year as part of a club he's involved in. He said this year was said to be the largest turn-out they've ever had so given those words I would imagine it just looks smaller.

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From that first 1987 shot showing Kenilworth and Stonewall before Belk was added to I-277, it's interesting to think how many times that one intersection has been re-built and reconfigured within the last 60 years:

1) when Old Independence was first built and fed directly into Stonewall (circa 1950),

2) I-277 that used to end at and feed Kenilworth (as seen in the 1987 aerial photo),

3) directional ramps from Belk Expressway (being built in photo) to Kenilworth, Stonewall and Old Independence, and

4) the latest Charlottetowne Avenue re-build for Metropolitan.

Any other examples of frequent and multiple reconfigurations?

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I would say 1987, the Juke Box building, AKA First Union, is about a third of the way up, and the site is cleared for City Fair, which later became the site for the Hearst Tower. Cool photos.

That does look as if it's One First Union under construction.

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"Dead man's curve" would be the turn South Boulevard (or Caldwell) made to Carson Boulevard as part of Old Independence, or what is today Charlottetowne-Stonewall-Caldwell-South-Carson.

Here's a neat website about Old Independence:


For those that are new the Jerry's restaurant in that photo became Athen's which was recently torn down for CPCC growth.

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