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Charlotte Photo of the Day

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OK, today I went on a little journey in mainly 3rd Ward of uptown, snapping shots, and getting a photo update for the Wachovia-South Tryon site, Catalyst, as well as a few other shots including where Church St cracked, from ground/pedestrian level. Since it's a Sunday, there weren't many people on the streets, and I should have gotten some familiar but good pictures for your enjoyment and an educational update. I will post some of the updates in their assigned post (Wachovia Building, Catalyst, 300 S. Tryon), but feel free to take a look at some of my other shots from today.

The link to today's photos are located here...


From here you can click the respective sub album from today.

To add a few "photo's of the day", here are my favorite from the day...

Ratcliff at the Green with Wachovia building in the background...


Always a classic, the famous Charlotte Directional sign at The Green...


The Green underground parking garage listed with Ratcliff at The Green in the background...


The City of Change... The new Wachovia construction site glaring 20 feet above street level, with the current Wachovia buildings and condo (Ratcliff) in the background...


And last, Brevard Court with Wachovia in the background...


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Sunset Gas


Hula Crossing


I Heart Dust




Builder's Building Through Stone




I have a dream that one day little white skater boys and little black skater boys will wax granite together. And black boys and black boys will hold hands together. And weird old white people will relive the 20s. And all of them will walk together on streets named after me.


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I was coming down South Blvd. and had to stop to let them by. I turn on Old Pineville road and saw them behind the old RR bulding near Woodlawn. By the time I couls stop and get out to take a picture they started to move. They move out at a nice pace.

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My digital rebel and tripod is somewhere in storage due to hurried and unorganized moving. Then my gf dropped my Olympus so there is a matchstick holding the battery in, but I got it all working so here is my awful photo of the day.


I had to steady hand this so its not a great pic at all. Not to mention there were cars behind me, and a cop staring me down.

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