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Charlotte Photo of the Day

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Got a picture of possible the most gorgeous sunrise yesterday morning!

Loving my new job. Pix4D is processing orthomosaic of the area now, and 3d update to Google Maps coming soon. Should have some cool video together as well! Still learning lightroom so forgive me for t

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LOL, I totally agree!  I monetize my videos in youtube, and they wont let me add most music.  I need to talk to someone about using "common" background music or "license free" tunes.  Sorry, I'm just getting started, and my videos will get better over time.

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As promised, here is a 4 hour time lapse of the construction at Gateway West.  It started raining pretty heavy, and all the worker must have went inside to other projects.  This timelapse is about 2800 photos.  I'll make another one on a sunny day that covers an entire day.  It looks pretty good full screen if you can, or go to my youtube channel and view from there.


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The graveyard at Steele Creek Presbyterian - a lot of revolutionary war veterans here.




the Old Charlotte Terminal, office space since 1982. here's what it looked like in its heyday




a shot from the observation area...excellent free entertainment for your kids, as long as they're focused on the airplanes, and not their neighbors




The WBT transmitter station.  According to Wikipedia: In 1925, the original owners sold WBT to Charlotte Buick dealer C.C. Coddington, who promoted both the radio station and his auto dealership with the slogan "Watch BuicksTravel." Coddington built a transmitter at a farm property he owned on Nations Ford Road in south Charlotte, where it remains today.




This one is behind two rows of fencing, so couldn't get a decent shot.

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thanks guys!  im getting a little better with post processing.  check this one out....All photos in this clip were shot on a Nikon J1,  I made the video in Openshot (an open source program in Ubuntu Linux) of my best 8 timelapses of Charlotte, NC.  Please share if you enjoy!  A timelapse of Bearden park is coming soon....

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Very nice, MazzoMedia! Thanks for all of the awesome time-lapse videos. The spring/summer season should give you ample opportunity to catch a storm rolling in, especially with that western view.

Well why not, since we're on the topic of weather and timelapse's, here's a time lapse of that snow storm coming in this past winter.  Something Charlotte doesn't get much of.

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