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Charlotte Photo of the Day


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RVA2CLT& Mazzo, great panoramas. The "Indepedence Day" storm one has some seriously awesome reflections on the building. I took the liberty to play around with the curves and straightened the horizon & crop it in Photoshop. Awesome shot man.



Thanks man, wish I could take the credit but, this was all Mother Natures & Queen City's doing; I was just a witness with an iPhone.

If you want the original Full Quality 6MB image to play with, just message me with your email address and I will send it over to you.

I'm looking forward to some more of your work especially with the over-dubbed music, makes a great trip!

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I made this timelapse of the Vue just after the sun set.  I was hoping for more lights turning on/off, but I think the human activity makes it pretty neat.  Oh, make sure you switch it to 1080p HD by selecting the little gear in the youtube viewer.  All of my videos are MUCH better in HD.


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One of the two-story apartments is having a rave or something.


I've noticed this on nights out before.  They have subtle color changing LED's somewhere in the condo.  I think the time lapse makes it much more "exciting" though.  Wish more people in the Vue had them, actually looks pretty daggum cool to me

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Came across this photo on Instagram. Thought it was pretty cool!



It give me hope that after the BLE is launched the North side of the side can develop a similar type of look.


Edit - With the understanding that it would take about 1-2 decades...

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It's been a while. Got the gimbal installed with landing gear, but still no fine tuning yet. This was my first time flying over water so my heartbeat almost shattered my ribcage. The Charlotte stuff starts at 30 seconds in.

Beautiful video! Love the soundtrack, too - M83!!! I saw them last time they were in Charlotte at the Fillmore.

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