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Butterfield Overland Trail

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Looks like the old Butterfield Trail might actually get recognized nationally. I've been a bit surprised it hasn't already. It existed before the Civil War. In fact it was the Civil War that ended it. Perhaps if that hadn't had happened it would be recognized a little more. Well before the Pony Express it was the trail connecting the mid south to the west. It ran from Missouri through Arkansas and then out west through what is now Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. It ended in San Francisco. It mainly went through NWA. I believe the first major stop in Arkansas was Carrollton (I don't know if it even exists anymore). Then it went westward to around Pea Ridge down to Fayetteville and eventually Ft Smith. Fayetteville was considered an important stop and Mr Butterfield had his own son run the station here in Fayetteville. But anyway hopefully all of this will go through and the trail will become more recognized on the national scene.

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