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Paris, Kentucky Photo Thread

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This quaint Bluegrass city in Bourbon County boasts a proud number of unique downtown businesses, from the authentic restaurants to the hardy antique stores. There is a year-round farmers market, live music on the courthouse square, and it is the northern terminus of the Paris Pike, one of the most scenic roadways in the state. The city has made a remarkable turnaround, going from a nearly vacant and desolate downtown to one that boasts a great number of antique shops, restaurants and local eateries, and stores. It's downtown streetscape program, coupled with the increased accessibility by the reconstructed Paris Pike, has opened up the doors to tourism that much more. You can read more about Paris at my article on UrbanUp and view the many more photographs from this often overlooked town. An article and extensive photo gallery regarding the infamous Paris Pike can be found here.

1. This 1897 building is still in great shape.


2. Bourbon County YMCA: The new addition wonderfully matches the architectural grace of the former.


3. This 1898 building could use a facelift.


4. Same building.


5. Bourbon County Courthouse


6. Apartments


7. Agricultural Bank


8. This building dates to 1899.


9. This structure has been handsomely restored to its former glory.



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Great thread! I really am impressed by what good shape many of the structures are in. The Bourbon County Courthouse is a superb structure as far as far as courthouses go IMO , as are the apartments and agricultural bank buildings. Really a great set of pics.

Looks like you had a great day to be taking pictures in Paris too. A good sunny day with blue skies always makes photography in most places a better experience and helps give photos an extra crispness.

I am a big fan of threads and pictures from smaller lesser known communities (esp. county seats), so this thread was right up my alley.

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