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OBSERVED: Soil testing on two surface lots Downcity?

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Did any one else notice what appeared to be soil testing going on in two of the surface lots in the Dyer Street "Parking Lot District?" On seperate mornings about 3 weeks ago I noticed workers using what looked to be a smaller version of one of these:


The activity was going on during pre-work hours in the places marked with the diamonds:


Sadly, this post has to be footnoted by A) the fact that I'm not necessarily qualified in the identification of engineering equipment, and B) that soil testing doesn't necessarily mean that a building is coming soon, the likes of which makes this post C) vacuous at best. :w00t:

I was hoping this could spur a spilling of the beans from someone in the know, or at the very least aid and abet a rumor. Did anyone else notice?


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