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Cross in the Woods

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After hearing about the Cross in the Woods our local news, the Family and I decided to take a trip up there to see the landmark for ourselves. For those that don't know about Cross in the Woods. Its the world's largest crucifix and is visited by many thousands of tourists a year. The cross stands over fifty feet high and is made of two large redwood timbers. The 25 foot tall bronze statue of the crucified Christ was cast in Norway and weighs about seven tons. In front of the cross is a vast outdoor church where Catholic Mass is held twice a day. An indoor church with a view of the cross is located next to the outdoor church and is used to hold mass during bad weather and the winter months. The grounds surrounding the church and the crucifix feature various outdoor shrines to an assortment of saints. Cross in the Woods is located at Indian Trails about 30 miles north east of Petosky just off of I-75. Needless to say this landmark is an in-your-face reminder of where one's priorities need to be.

So here we go in pictures. Enjoy.

The crucifix viewed from one of the concrete pews in the outdoor church nave.


A closer shot of the crucifix. Notice how it dominates the whole area. At the foot of the crucifix located in the chancel of the outdoor church is the alter.


A detailed shot of the crucified Christ. The clergy of this church was granted special permission from the Vatican to have the Crown of Thorns omitted from the statue's design to better reflect the peaceful nature of this sight. I found this shot most moving.


The rear side of the crucifix. A latter, permanently and discreetly affixed to the back of the cross, allows volunteer workers access to the statue so it can be cleaned and waxed twice a year.


The indoor church viewed from the foot of the crucifix. The Vatican allowed this church to omit the crucifix that is to be placed above the indoor church's alter as the glass curtain wall provides a view of the crucifix outside.


Now for a some of the various outdoor shines.

St. Francis of Assisi


Our Lady of the Highways. This shrine offers protection to those on the road. The way drivers are in this state we need all the protection we can get.


This is a statue of a Native American woman that converted to Christianity in spite of being banished by her fellow tribe. This statue is located in the outdoor church's nave.


Lastly is a shine dedicated to the resurrected Christ.


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Cross in the Woods is just a stone's throw from my hometown. I've been there a few times in passing. I think the statue w/ the turtles is of Blessed Kateri, the Native American saint. It's very peaceful to walk through the paths on a nice, summer day to see the sculpture work.

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