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Charles Pearson

Golden Gate Park (aka Needle Park)

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Despite the numerous homeless camps in beautiful Golden Gate Park, the park remains a lovely place to visit or jog all the way to the ocean. The homeless population there is "really" no fault of Newsom as they've always been there...I used to live at 21st Avenue and Fulton and never noticed "any" homeless camps back then...And the coyotes seemed to keep their distance back then, unlike the skunks I often ran into when running early in morning...

Christopher Ash (right) checks his drum set while a fellow camper wakes up at a homeless camp near Park Presidio Bypass Drive. Chronicle photo by Paul Chinn


Homeless Camps in Golden Gate Park. Chronicle Graphic



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Coyotes in park dog attack had been fed by humans

Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Two coyotes that recently attacked a pair of dogs in Golden Gate Park might have become aggressive because someone had been feeding them every day, Animal Care and Control officials said Wednesday, leading the agency to initiate an effort to teach residents how to coexist with wildlife peacefully.

The coyotes, a male and female, were shot to death by U.S. Department of Agriculture officials the day after the July 14 incident. Both have tested negative for rabies, Animal Care and Control said Wednesday.

Carl Friedman, head of Animal Care and Control, said that since the attack -- which left one dog with minor injuries -- he has learned that at least one person had been feeding the coyotes raw meat out of a van every day...

Full Story...

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More radical changes in Gavin's re-election year...Four homeless opt for homeward bound program (Greyhound bus via Transbay Terminal) returning them to mothers in San Luis Obispo and Athens, Ga., a daughter in Santa Fe and an uncle in Phoenix....


HOMELESS ROUSTED: 4:30 a.m. wakeup for the park campers

Heather Knight, Chronicle Staff Writer

Thursday, August 2, 2007


More: Shame of the City


For 19-year-old Brandon Krigbaum, who goes by the name Repo Violence, the wake-up call came at 4:30 a.m.

Police officers and homeless outreach workers rousted him and his friends from their sleeping bags Wednesday morning in an encampment on Chicken Hill, near Golden Gate Park's popular tennis courts.

Similar awakenings happened throughout the park, as well as Buena Vista Park, Corona Heights and other outdoor expanses as Mayor Gavin Newsom's pledge to clear the city's parks of homeless encampments once and for all continued to take shape.

Teams of police officers and city outreach workers took Krigbaum and 58 other bleary-eyed homeless people in vans to a huge, off-white canvas tent set up for one morning in Sharon Meadows...

Full Chronicle Story...

Chronicle photo by Liz Hafalia


Eastside of Bunea Vista Park


Corona Heights Hill


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Newsom Endorses Hillary in Needle/Homeless Free Park......OK, not really...




Clinton know-how wows scientists

Kevin hagan, Chronicle Staff Writer

Saturday, August 11, 2007

It was just another political dog-and-pony show to announce San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's endorsement, complete with a hokey photo opportunity to snap Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton smiling in front of an environmentally trendy pile of dirt.

But then the New York senator tossed in a wrinkle as she strolled through the partially constructed skeleton of the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park on Friday afternoon, alongside one of the scientists in charge of planning it.

She actually knew what she was talking about...

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