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Google Data Center at Mt. Holly Commerce Center

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I figured this would warrant a thread of its own, considering its current and future impact on the Chas area. According to the article below, the Google project has already started hundreds of jobs and business opportunities for the region. In the three months since Google formally announced its plans, a total of 27 businesses have brought crews on site, employing more than 300 local individuals. Ten companies have hired an additional 17 subcontractors to assist with the construction, Google said in a written statement.

In addition to construction jobs, dozens of suppliers, food and beverage businesses and rental companies are needed to satisfy the work force. As a result, nearly 170 additional local businesses are receiving boosts in sales.

Google said it plans to launch a Web site dedicated to the data center in Berkeley County at www.google.com/berkeleycounty.

Google having an immediate economic impact

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