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NBA Ref Point Shaving Scandal

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For years, fans have complained about the refs about giving star players preferential treatment, missed fouls, phantom fouls, etc. It's what makes us human. I can live with that since it's all part of the game (I suppose).

But the thing I cannot accept is a ref who manipulate games in the name of gambling or any reason. As everyone knows, the NBA has a ref Tim Donaghy in trouble with the feds, namely the point shaving scandal. Not only is he alledged to have called fouls to shave points one way or another for the mob, he is also alledged to bet on the same games he worked!

I am neither shocked nor surprised about the news. If it happened in the NBA, you bet your bottom dollar there's a good chance it happened in the college or high school level. The odds are too great for it not to happen.

This is going to be a hard pill for the NBA to swallow for a long time.

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