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Northshore Racetrack

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Northshore speedway plans unveiled

WWL article


Considering the racetrack will only have a capacity of about 40,000, it looks like, at least at first, it will only attract some of the lower level races. NASCAR Busch Series races generally require a capacity of 70,000-80,000+ and Nextel Cup races require a capacity of at least 100,000--most of the time at least 120,000. With that said, however, they are planning to build the facility so that they can expand in the future, which is how just about all of the major speedway's in America started. It will also be able to host boat drag races and could be used as a venue for outdoor concerts as well.

Great development for Greater New Orleans and all of SE Louisiana! :thumbsup:

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Awesome news. I think this place will do very well as it can draw people from all over the South. The last NASCAR race I went to was up in Atlanta, and it was a blast. I would love to see it come down here eventually.

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