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Did anyone see the newest Weiner Mobile commercial filmed in Charlotte?

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Has anyone seen the latest Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile commercial filmed in Charlotte? It took me by surprise so I didn't catch the whole thing but I knew it was Charlotte when they drove past the black & silver glassed Charlotte Plaza tower (is it still called that?) on College St.

The WM also drove across the Central/Kings bridge with the skyline in the background. They never said Charlotte at any time during the commercial.

The commercial had a plot. They were running late to some event and the WM was racing through town eventually skidding into the parking lot of the theater (i can't really remember what it was). The building looked familiar but I can't finger it's location. They renamed the building just for the commercial.

Oh well. I apologize if this has been posted. I did a quick search and couldn't find anything.

Another commercial spotlighting our little boom town!

Oh, this was on Bravo channel.

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I didn't see that particular commercial but I did see another OM comercial done in Charlotte. It posed as being at the "national spelling bee" which I think is actually held in DC every year. I think they had the kids spelling bologna and at the end they drove across 277 with the skyline in the background.

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I haven't seen the commercial but I did see the Weinermobile driving around when it was here. It didn't dawn on me that they could be filming a commercial with it though.

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Haven't seen the Oscar Meyer commercial yet, but some of the people I work with worked on it. Surprisingly a lot of commercials are filmed in Charlotte. Domino's filmed here recently, it has a marathon runner running Uptown with the skyline in the background as a guy tries to order a pizza on a cell phone in his living room. It's Nascar related, so it may show more during the races. Also the Lowe's commercial with all the Sports Fan paraphernalia was filmed in a Kannapolis Lowe's. Also the Ipod commercial with Bob Dylan was filmed in Charlotte. Ton's of other Nascar related commercials are filmed in Charlotte every month. UPS,Toyota, Sprint/Nextel, Sony, etc.

Here are some filmed in Charlotte or surrounding areas.

At Lowe's Motor Speedway


Filming in Charlotte,not exactly sure where but most likely Silver Hammer Studio's


Filmed in Mooresville and Rockingham Raceway

Filmed in Mooresville, parts of it anyway.

Coulnd't find the Domino's commercial on the internet.

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