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Fort Worth - So7 - Cultural District

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So7 is a mixed-use urban development across from Montgomery Plaza (the redeveloped Montgomery Ward store) on West 7th Street just outside downtown. The project is being built in five main phases - the first, a Residence Inn at the back of the property, has been finished for a while.

The second, begun around the same time as that portion of the development, was several blocks of Mediterranean style townhomes in the back of the property, centered around a roundabout intersection with fountain on a newly built road called Museum Way. The first phase of the townhomes are complete, and the second phase is underway now.

The third phase, wrapping up construction now, is a block of condos called the ArtHouse, further towards 7th Street a bit. A new road being built linking Museum Way and 7th Street runs through the ArtHouse complex. On one side is a block of midrise condos, and on the other (and fronting Museum Way) are two-story townhouse-style condos.

The fourth phase is a retirement condo tower development known as the Stayton, at the back of the property. It will be a complex of three ten-story glassy towers.

The fifth and final phase, which will be getting underway soon, is the So7 Shops and So7 RiverHouse Lofts. The large swath of property between the back where the Residence Inn/Stayton/ArtHouse/Townhomes are and 7th Street will be home to a mixed-use project featuring ground-floor retail and 180 lofts.

A rendering of the Shops & Lofts:



A couple of photos of the completed phase of the townhomes. They are done in a Mediterranean style:



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We drove by this when we were there...had no idea what it was at the time. It's nice, in a way, to see first and learn more about it later...it makes me want to go back even more.

Krazee: There were a lot of cranes here and there and a good mix of old historic development with brand spankin' new. You'd be amazed.

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The Shops & Lofts are supposed to be getting underway this month, at long last. They have also gone through another design change, and this is supposed to be the final look by architects Good, Fulton, and Farrell. This is the 7th Street elevation.


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First Shops & Lofts building progressing nicely:


Going vertical off the underground garage on Stayton:


More blocks of the townhomes in the back being built - they're selling briskly, so they've been adding new blocks constantly for a while now.


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SoSeven progress:






Starting construction this fall - The Stayton At Museum Way. Three 11-story retirement condo towers, part of the SoSeven mixed-used development I updated everybody on above.




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