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Saving Little Italy


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It seems like a lot of crime these days in the Franklin Street area. Today's latest: pretty frightening: http://www.courant.com/news/custom/topnews...hc_tab01_layout

A few things that need to be addressed.

1. Stop the exodus of long time South End residents to Wethersfield & Rocky Hill

2. Eliminate the 4 lanes of traffic to slow down drivers.

3. Widen the sidewalks and make it more pedestrian friendly

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Crime is only a part of it. Taxes on small businesses are playing a huge part on the entire area. I was surprised over the weekend as i drove down Franklin Avenue and saw all the "for sale" signs, especially on the northern end closer to Hartford Hospital. It seems as though many good ideas are coming out of the small business community, but unfortunately falling on deaf ears at City Hall.

Just like the saying goes, you don't realize what you have 'til it's gone, and it seems to be going fast

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