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Phoenix vs Charlotte

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There is an article in the current Economist about problems in Phoenix. The subheadline reads: "A city that once won prizes is now a crime-ridden mess." While reading the article, I was struck by similarities between Phoenix, as described in the article, and Charlotte: fast-growing sunbelt cities with lots of jobs, many newcomers from the north, troubles in the public schools, problems with crime, and a feeling that everybody in the city is from somewhere else.

I don't know much about Phoenix, so I'm not saying Charlotte is on the same path. But since we always mention Atlanta as a negative example when it comes to growth, I thought maybe we could add another city to the list. ;) But seriously, any thoughts on the Charlotte-Phoenix comparison? Any Phoenicians care to comment?



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I just read the article. Although I think Morgan Quinto's data are skewed, I agree that there are striking similarities between the two cities. Kinda scary. You could argue that its more of a Sunbelt phenom rather than just one city. Atlanta, Raleigh, Dallas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Charlotte--all have these problems. With the exception of Dallas, no one is actually from any of those cities and they all tend to be transient places. Why give a damn about a place if you don't have plans to put roots in it?

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