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"Ask This Old House" in Raleigh


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I just saw that the TV show "Ask This Old House" is filming in Raleigh this week.

Does anyone know where they are? This is one of my favorite shows, actually, and I'd love to swarm these guys like a groupie. :)

(BTW, if anyone ever hears of Leo Laporte coming to Raleigh, lemme know!)

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You would be correct - the filming of the job took place on Thursday 8/2/2007. They were at my house filming an episode on Polybutylene Pipe's. They said the episode would air between Oct and Feb but could not give me a set date yet. I should have word on the air date as the season gets closer to starting.

The local plumber they selected to do the job has been amazing (before the shoot and after).

If you would like to know anything about the expierence let me know - You can email me at my email address or post the question here.


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You know, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Paris Hilton could all come together to fix your pipes and I'd be less excited. Is Richard as nice as he seems on the show? I assume you only got Richard and no Tom or anyone else. They say that Norm isn't terribly nice in person.

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The entire crew (from The camera man, to the producer) were the funniest group of guys I have been around in a long long time. I was a little star struck by Richard so I mostly just laughed at what he said. But to answer your question, Yes, he is exactly like he seems on T.V.

And yes Richard was the only one who came down. I was hoping Tom, Kevin, and/or Roger would come out too but I was happy to have any who would come!

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