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World's Most Expensive Hotel Suite

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Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons

I can't imagine anyone dropping $30,000 per night for an I.M. Pei penthouse, but apparently the Four Seasons is seeing $$$ dancing before their eyes. The Ty Warner Penthouse was created by the Beanie Babie mogul and can be rented out when he's not using it (most of the time). The alarming thing is that the hotel isn't going to have trouble renting it out- at full price. Forget upgrades, foloks. The hotel swears that they won't be doing this. I suppose it could be a bargain for some, as virtually all dining and other hotel services are supplied for free for those who rent out the suite.

Actually, there are a few hotel suites here and there which technically go fo higher rates, but these also don't usually get doled out to just anyone- and almost never at the "rack" rate.

USA Today

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