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G W North

Mississauga about to surpass 200 high-rises

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According to skyscrapers.com, my city of Mississauga has 197 12+ story buildings. With a bunch more either under construction or soon to begin construction, it should easily surpass 200 by the end of the year. Here are some pics I took of current projects in the city centre area. Although Mississauga has highrises all over the city, virtually all of the current highrise projects are in the downtown area.

Daniels has a huge new development coming to the large piece of land next to city hall and the performing arts centre:


A park will be included:


"Mature lifestyle condominiums" are rising on this site. It looks like one highrise and one midrise.





Right beside the Amica development, Daniels is building what obviously (from the billboard) is a twin-towered development with townhomes as well.




Just a few hundred feet away, "Grand Ovation at City Centre" is under construction. It is a twin-towered development (31 stories each tower):


A sign for Ovation:


The building on the right is the first tower, which appears to be pretty much complete. The building only 7 or 8 floors up so far is the 2nd tower. The tall building under construction on the far left is one of the Citygate towers, which we'll look at next.





Right next to Grand Ovation is CityGate, a twin-towered complex, 34 stories each tower.


Looking up at one of the CityGate towers:





The rendering shows that a midrise podium connects the twin towers.




Right next door to CityGate, the twin-towered Metropole will soon rise:



This small structure under construction is obviously the sales centre.


Right beside the Metropole site is a land parcel for sale:


Looking back at Grand Ovation on the left and CityGate on the right:


Another picture looking back at Grand Ovation and CityGate


The glass tower is one of the two towers in our next stop: No. 1 City Centre. No. 1 City Centre is yet ANOTHER twin-towered development, at 31 stories each.


Here we see both towers, as you can see they're nearing completion.



These towers are my favourite new Mississauga highrises.


As you can see, there are still some crappy, tiny, mid-20th century houses beside this development:


Less than 1000 feet South of No. 1 City Centre, Eden Park Living will soon rise.



$138,000 Canadian is about U.S. $100,000.


It looks like it will sit atop a 3-story podium


The Eden Park Living sign with No. 1 City Centre in the background


The Eden Park sales centre


Just up the street, Absolute Condos, a massive 5-tower plus townhouse development will soon rise.


I was standing kiddy-corner to the development site when I took this picture.



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Good to see that 'Sauga is booming. They probably have the best mayor in the country. It's too bad that some of those buildings are rather unoriginal though.

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The strange thing is that although the City Centre area probably only has about 1/3 the highrises in Mississauga, it seems to contain ALL of the current construction (although some other towers in other parts of town have been built within the last couple years).

Anyways, we need all these dense towers to support our population growth. The city had 544,000 in 1996, and 612,000 in 2001, so it's probably around 650,000 now.

Here's a rendering of that last project (Absolute Condos). As you can see, it packs 5 towers (that look to be about 30 stories each) and townhomes onto a few acres of land.


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Mississauga is a seperate city immediately to the West of Toronto. It was incorporated in 1974, and the population has increased by close to 300,000 in the last 20 years without any change in boundaries. Many people think of it as a "bedroom community", but it is actually a net importer of jobs, meaning that more people travel to Mississauga to work than travel from Mississauga to other cities to work. For a suburb it's very dense. It covers 111 square miles, so when it reaches 666,000 people, which should be in the next year or two, it will have surpassed 6000 people per square mile.

Interestingly, there are still farms in Mississauga, some of them less than 1 mile from the downtown area. I might go take some pictures of Mississauga's skylines (there are several besides downtown) this week if there would be any interest.

Lastly, downtown Mississauga saw a highrise condo boom in the early 1990s, but most of the buildings from then were in the 20-25 story range, whereas most of the buildings in this boom are in the 30-35 story range (as you can see). Maybe that means in 10 years we will have another boom where most of the condos are 40-45 stories, LOL.

Transit ridership is also high for a suburb. Mississauga transit has annual ridership of about 26 million people, which is slightly below 40 per capita per year. If you add in GO Transit (regional transit service) ridership to/from Mississauga, annual ridership would be well above 30 million per year.

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Mississauga has a nice developing town center, although its still a suburban oriented city in many respects. The housing is quite dense, however, for suburbia. Port Credit is the shining urban area of Mississauga. :)

I love the waterfront @ Port Credit.

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No, Mississauga Transit only runs within Mississauga. Well, that's not quite true, it serves a few stations just BARELY outside Mississauga (in some cases only a few hundred feet outside the city limits) where one can transfer to other transit systems such as TTC (Toronto). One would take Mississauga Transit generally to travel within Mississauga. If you want to go to downtown Toronto, you'd take GO Transit (trains and regional buses).

GO Transit has annually ridership around 45 million per year (and is growing something like 6-7% per year). I have no idea how many of those 45 million people are starting or ending their trip in Mississauga though.

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Mississauga is booming!

Take a picture from a condo in Etobicoke - get the full Miss. skyline shot, which is pretty much the whole city, south to the square 1 area.

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