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Proposal: 708 S. Main

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I wish ALL of the overhead power lines in Downtown GVL would be buried. Certain streets and alleys look like a third world country.

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2 hours ago, GvilleSC said:

Probably a Christmas market or something temporary... 

Gosh I hope not. Seems a little late to announce something like that though. 

16 minutes ago, Jet-set said:

Thursday at what time?

No clue unfortunately. Still trying to find out more. 

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Well in my opinion, due to the install of the sod, it could be one of two things:

1. Some sort of pop-up shop/event

2. Groundbreaking ceremony for the proposed building. 

Neither really strike me as ‘big’. Also, a groundbreaking for a relatively inconsequential building seems a little far-fetched. 

So maybe it does have something to do with a first floor tenant.. 

Are we sure the banner is addressing that specific site?

Im intrigued. 

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Hypothesis: same project as initially proposed/with some surface refinishes 


”new way to live” : still includes higher end apartments/condos

listing on loop net recently updated

many developers/their sales people are self promoters and this “announcement” is just an extension of that trend. Also this project never got a big announcement and this is better for residential sales than an unceremonious backhoe

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7 hours ago, GvilleSC said:

“Big” seems like a weird adjective that they have chosen to utilize, unless they’re talking price tag. They certainly seem to be spending a fair amount of money on this launch/announcement. 

Probably just to gain word of mouth for presales and leasing. Here’s the project going on site: https://www.collettre.com/images/Properties/River___Main__Flyer___12.29.16.pdf Overall a fairly nice looking mixed use development. 

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Like the height. Cool with the design, and like the ground level action; plus, I'm all for any building that will hide the ugly Link building . 

My concerns:

  •  We're at a completion date of probably 2020:
    • "a late spring 2018 groundbreaking, with the first-floor retail portion completed within 12 months and five floors of residential completed in 18 months."  "Late spring" usually means June, or later.
  • Maybe longer, and a real possibility of the design be amended further due to budget issues....
    • "The 84-foot water feature fabricated by Florida-based BluWorld of Water will face River Street and is the tallest water feature the company has ever built,"
    • "A typical parking garage requires 375 square feet per vehicle, but the automated system uses less than 200 square feet per vehicle, according to Michael Beck of Park Plus. Ryan Astrup, principal of Park Plus, says this will be one of the largest systems of its type the company has installed."
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I don't see too much difference in the look between this and the Link building.  Both are  just the same trendy design with stacks of boring boxes that are ugly and out of scale with the historic district.  I had been hoping this version of the project was dead.

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