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Attention Lurkers

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Hi there. Yes, I'm talking to YOU! :) I know you're out there, because I see you every day and night checking out the topics on this board.

If you enjoy the discussions, feel free to register and become regular members. The Nebraska Forum is gaining momentum and new members are welcomed with open arms! If you have questions or additional information about projects and issues going on here in the Cornhusker State, by all means register and post. There is a LOT to discuss.

Urban Planet is free to join and contains an enormous wealth of information beyond this one forum. There's really no reason not to join! Check out this extensive list of forums and subforums that Urban Planet has to offer!

I'll even make it easy on you. Click here to view the Registration Terms and Rules and register now.

I'm looking forward to posting with you in the future, as I'm sure are the other members of this forum and all of Urban Planet!

And while you're at it, once you've registered, why not come back to this topic and post a quick introduction so we can get to know you!

(thanks Brian :))

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