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Shreve City Super Wal-mart

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Ok, well I just returned from the Grand Opening of the Super Wal-mart. Here are my thoughts.

1. OMG traffic on Knight Street is and will be a mess. (my ONLY complaint)

2. the inside of the store is VERY nice. Everything is spread out nicely and it kind of has a homey feel to the store.

3. I really liked the placement of the Pharmacy. If you come in the Main entrance on your right the Pharmacy is right when you walk in the door. You dont have to go around several aisles to get to it. Plus there is more space for waiting customers.

4. I really like the color schemes of the layout. The flooring is marble color rather then the dull white of theother stores and the walls are a wood baige color.

5. I am a little disappointed that they do not have any "self check-out" lanes. I guess I shouldnt be surprised, the walmart on pines rd no longer no longer allows customers to use them.

6. The lighting in the store during the day looks like it will mostly be provided by the sun. Which is good, but it does tend to get dark at times but also adds to the Homey feel.

7. I like the idea of a drive thru garden center.

8. Subway right as you walk in. YAY!!!!!

They had a carnival style atmosphere outside with Pepsi racing and a Jeff Gordon car (barf, told the guy to come back next year when its a Jr car. he laughed and confirmed Pepsi will be his sponser next year). Budweiser was there along wioth others. It is a VERY nice store. I was very impressed, but if you go anytime soon expect a mob and difficulty getting in and out of the parking lot. like I said before traffic is my only complaint.

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