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This is definately one of the most beautiful countries in Europe! If anyone has pics please add them! I am in Greece at the moment and as soon as I get back to the states I will add my pics! I went to Athens, Thessaloniki, & Mykonos, as well as a few small villages that aren't really worth mentioning although still beautiful :) Here are some other great places to visit in Greece other than the ones I mentioned:

Santorini-Island, known for its blue domed houses, and deep blue water, also very romantic








Greeks are known for their friendleness, beauty, feeding people, and unfortunately, smoking constantly!

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I was there just after you.

I went to Santorini, and its true the Island is great, the views incredible volcano bla bla bla, but I hate American tourists, and Santorini had far too may of them. I think there were 7 cruise ships there one night.

Archipelligo is a great resturant if you go however.

I liked Naxos the most of every place I went. The island was more "real" and still had enough tourist contact to be comfortable fun easy to navigate etc. I suggest attending the cultural show in the castro that is put on every weekend night(all you can drink for 15 euros)

and stay at Astir of naxos. just the right distance away from the city so its quiet, but close enough you are always close. (super easy safe walk along beach 5 minutes)

Mykonos was very nice and we had a great hotel there. I acoided all the super touristy stuff like paradise beach. There is a beach like that in my home town that I used to lifeguard and I really have no interest in that kind of debauchery on my honeymoon. But if you are single... and you are not from the Hamptons or Miami beach get your freak on.

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Greece is really incredible! I've been too a number of places there, including:















If anyone ever goes through the Isles, Rhodes City is a must see! It is the largest city left in Europe with its Medieval architecture still completely intact. When you approach Rhodes, you are met by its huge city walls and enter the city through the city through one of the city gates. The streets are all narrow and paved with cobblestones and there are actually people live there, giving it lots of life. Just outside the city walls is the modern section of Rhodes. Rhodes is the capital of it's prefacture and has a population around 70,000. The island as a whole accounts for around 10% of Greece's population. Needless to say I've fallen completely in love in with country and have been eyeing companies that have operations there so I can relocate to there, preferably Athens or Rhodes.

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