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Massive Slip and Slide

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about 50ft down from the beginning. notice the landing pool in the faaaar distance.


where things speed up a whooooole lot. the top of the hill on this picture is where the first one leaves off.


the landing pool.


so my friend decides to throw this massive party and make a slip and slide. little did we know that this conversation would turn into a 500-600ft behemoth carved into the side of a mountain in liberty,tn with a bulldozer. as far as i know, this is a world record slip and slide. i'd like to get official conformation on it however. and i suggest going down with a raft. while barebacking it (i was the only one who did this. regrettably) i managed to get two softball sized bruises on my backside.

(sorry for the quality, i took these with my phone)

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haha, oh it can and it did. we floated 3 kegs in 2 hours, so the liquid courage was there. the next party is going to have 17 kegs and 300 people though. i'm kinda worried. haha.

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