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An urban farm in the Hill (maybe)

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TheGerbil    0

It's in the works anyway. The group behind it just aquired several properties. The plan is to let people in the neighborhood help out at the farm, and then give them a share of the crops. Sounds like a great idea. I doubt this would be unique, but the article contains the following quote: "Pittsburgh is ideal for this, because we're one of the few large cities with a lot of greenspace in an urban environment."

Maybe urban farms could be a Pittsburgh thing, something we could be known for. There is already a farm in Stanton Heights (although it's privately owned).

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NewBurgh    0

I also read this and found it to be one of the nicer stories that I've read in a little while... a group of young people living in Garfield who are involved with the Thomas Merton Center buying up land for an urban farm near downtown. Not only will this be good for the city, I think it's also a testament to what a great city Pittsburgh is for young people with a vision. I'm also fortunate to be a teacher at the school where Ms. Schoyer went (her sister was in my class last year), so I've met her and her family several times. They're such a kind, beautiful and idealistic family. I hope the farm works out.

I'm pretty sure there's also an urban farm in Garfield.

I remember a study that ranked Pittsburgh as the #1 Sustainable city, but I can't remember where I read it. Anybody else see this?

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