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Rested Traveler's Jaunts into Spartanburg

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I've made several jaunts over into Spartanburg, South Carolina over the past couple of weeks, in part (but not entirely due to) the Carolina Panthers (NFL Football) Training Camp at Wofford College. While there, I've taken some time to get out and take a few photos, so I thought I'd share some of them with you all. Spartanburg is a city with an enormous amount of potential into which it just now appears to be tapping.

(As always, these images are clickable if you want to see larger sizes)


203 East Main Street (Denny's Corporate Headquarters)


An unsuspecting tourist on Morgan Square



A couple of photos from the Carolina Panthers Training Camp (both shot with a 75-300mm Telephoto Zoom)


"Self-Made Man"




One of many fountains in Downtown Spartanburg


"Wall Street Journal"


"Circle of Friendship" The idea is that you hold hands with the children at each end to complete the circle. Pretty nifty sculpture.



A couple of photos of "Exuberance"


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Great work, RT. Some beautiful sculptures. I like that Circle of Friends one. Pretty cool idea behind it. The "Self-Made Man" one looks pretty awesome as well.

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