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Canopy | Welaunee Plantation Development

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Canopy {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Welaunee Plantation

TND for Tallahassee, FL


Canopy is the name of Tallahassee's newest neighborhood community located on the southernmost tip of a tract of land known as Welaunee in northeast Tallahassee. It's approximately 500 acres and is bound by Fleischmann, Centerville and Miccosukee Roads.

While plans are still preliminary, the community concept is based on what's known as Traditional Neighborhood Development, or TND. In a TND, the emphasis is on designing homes, parks sidewalks, roads and retail centers in such a way to promote walkability, open spaces and a sense of community connectedness you don't necessarily experience in other kinds of neighborhoods.

Initial concepts include a diverse mix of home options, from those suited to a more urban design such as live/work space, lofts, town homes, multi-family apartments homes to a wide variety of single family homes on varied lot sizes.

The exact number of homes will be determined during the permitting process, but at full build-out, the community will likely have between 1,200 and 1,500 housing units, including apartment homes.

Architectural plans are underway but are not quite ready to be shared. However, styles will be driven by both traditional homes found in the Greater Tallahassee area and other communities created in the TND concept.

The inspiration for the name came both from Tallahassee's canopy roads and from the vision for what the community will become. Canopy roads are an intrinsic part of the area's heritage and the name is designed to celebrate that connection. At the same time, a canopy provides sherlter and protection and through careful design and planning, the community will become a safe haven, a place where you known your neighbors, ride your bikes and walk to the grocery store.

The developer is CNL Real Estate & development. Orlando, Florida based.

Plans for the community are currently in th permitting process. Once the City of Tallahassee approves the plans and issues the necessary permits, construction on roads and utilities will begin. Homes construction could begin as early as fall 2008.

Concepts for a village center and perhaps a smaller neighborhood center - like a "corner store" market or dry cleaner - have been included in the current plan. In the village center, restaurants, retail shops and professional offices - intermixed with residential homes like town homes and lofts - are being contemplated but will be dictated by future market conditions.


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^ Thanks for the detailed report on this new development, TJ! I assume you made it to their open house last night since you seem to have all the facts.

Did you get to meet/speak with Tim Edmonds of CNL? (formerly with St. Joe)

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I spoke to some man who'd been with St. Joe / Arvida for 15-20 years. But I don't think it was Tim Edmonds. Gorsh! But we sure talked a good 15 minutes about the project.

I was told that CNL has opened a Tallahassee office. The exact location of which I didn't ask.

I'll post the pictures tonight. I would have done it last night, but I had all of the others to do and these require a little work.

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Hey TJ were there many if any NIMBY's at last night's meeting? From the TV report I saw on the news to the Democrat article today, there did not seem to be much opposition.

CNL Tally use to be in one of the historic homes along Calhoun, but I think now they may have moved.

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Some pictures from the event


















Some of the images were reduced for upload. If you are unable to read them please let me know and I'll try to make some adjustments. :)

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^ Thanks for all the pics, TJ! :thumbsup: I was able to read just about everything on the posters boards once enlarged.

It doesn't look like there was a very large crowd there & I'm glad there weren't a bunch of NIMBY's with protest signs present. It looks like a very nice development & all their pictures remind me of the early concept & marketing meetings for SouthWood which Tim Edmonds was also heading up at the time for St. Joe. Overall, I think Canopy, and all the other sections of this Mettler/Powerhouse property, will turn out to be a very nice development & something that Tallahassee can be proud to have as part of our community.

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Yeah I could read the print too on the pix when I clicked to enlarge them. Great job!

Again I agree w/Glenn, the CNI presentation is extremely similar to the St. Joe presentations I've seen before for Southwood, Summer Camp and Windmark Beach.

It's St. Joesque!

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