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Heritage Crossing Shopping Center (Wilson)


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Last time I went to Wilson, NC a massive construction boom was going on on Raleigh Road Parkway is that steel going on. I think

NCDOT should prepare Wilson with another 6 lane road. The shopping center will have 3 starbucks. it also seems like that area

will become another district in Wilson due to everything coming up like a Five Floor Hampton Inn, a 2 floor lee dealership, etc.

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This is more or less an extension of the development that's been going on at the intersection of Forest Hills and Raleigh Road for the last 15 years. This whole area is really a mess. There are so many little strip centers and restaurants in that area that seem like they were just put there in a vacuum. It seems like there was little vision for the area. I miss the days when there was the center with Eckerd's and Harris Teeter and nothing else. The area seemed quaint and peaceful then.

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