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ISP Homecoming Parade

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After volunteering, I got some time to go out and take some ( :lol: actually a lot) photos of the ISP Homecoming Parade in downtown Winston this afternoon. Despite the gruesome heat and the parade being held during work hours, there was a great turnout of people! I wish Winston had events like this more often as it really brought the community together with people cheering on WSSU and dancing to the fantastic beats being put out by some very skilled drummers. Since it takes quite a while to upload to Flickr I will post the photos as they come available. I also got four videos of the A&T and WSSU marching bands which I think many of you will like to hear. :) Hope you enjoy!

Part I:
















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Thank you! :) It was really exciting to see people lined up and down Fourth and Trade cheering on the bands and floats. About the start time, I also wondered why it was held during business hours and not say after work or on a Saturday, but still a good turnout nonetheless!

Here's another video that just got uploaded:

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thank you so much for these!!! im pissed that i didnt get to see the parade but at least ill see these two battle it out twice this labor day weekend. good job WSSU! :) "the red sea of sound"

A&T is the truth though, should be a nice david and goliath battle. WSSU/A&T rivalry is arguably the HBCU version of the UNC/Duke rivalry. cant way...two more weeks!

again, thanks for coming through DaAchiever!

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