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HWY 290 Development Plan.

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I know there are several people on this Forum who live up in the Hwy 290 neck of the woods. I live near there and own some commercial property on HWY290. I would encourage anyone who has an interest in that area to show up tonight at 6 pm at the Greenville Tech Brasier Campus.

What exactly this proposal entails is still a bit sketchy and that is the problem I have had with this thing from the start. From what I understand their are some good things regarding the widening of 290 and some other necessary actions that need to be taken. However there are also many restrictive things regarding development that they are trying to pass as well. I believe Tony Trout is heading this up.

From what I understand, If I had a vote it would be against the resolution as it stands now. What they are trying to do is implement zoning when they do not have the right to do it, and worse is that they are trying to sneak this thing through. I found out about this meeting an hour ago only due to a another concerned citizen. From what I understand this will be an informal meeting, they will have a public hearing on Wednesday and a vote next Monday.

Not sure if this deserves its own thread but it will have a huge impact on how this section of North Greenville grows and at what pace.

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It got pretty hot. Its split down the line of a couple of very involved residents of the area and the developers and people who own potential commercial property on hwy290. I really think there are some good ideas in this resolution, however the people that put this together, despite what they say are very anti growth.

The restrictions that they are trying to put on development would hinder or stop development in that area for several years to come simply because its so hard to put any large tracts of land together and with these restrictions doing smaller development will just be harder.

This group should either go about trying to get this area zoned or work more closely with local developers to create these standards. What they are proposing is really back door zoning and Tony Trout said that he would not vote for it for whatever that is worth.

It was pretty confrontational and most of that stems from the fact that most of the citizens have a very harsh view of development and developers. I do think that something beneficial could be agreed to over time but all the developers and potential commercial property owners feel very ambushed on this whole matter and feel that this small group of people and some people in the county have been pushing all this behind everyones back only to bring it to light at the last minute.

The public hearing is tonight at 5 and should promise to be interesting. I understand what this group is trying to do but I dont like the way they are going about it and I dont think their proposals will really give them what they are looking for. I think burying power lines, widening 290, a sign ordinance, and some restrictions on building material would go a long way into creating something the residence would be happy with and I think all of these things owners and developers would be happy with. However the massive amounts of green space and landscaping that these plans call for will just make most developments unfeasible

Should be an interesting meeting tonight and whichever way this vote goes will have a huge rippling effect in that area.

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