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Great photo thread. Shows off a lot of the diverse urban architecture the city has to offer, plus a glimpse for many into what the condition of the downtown is in.

The City Hall in Gary is great archetectural gem that definately harks back to a by-gone era in architectural design. Its a real diamond in the rough for the urban core.

Any pics of the old central train station? Is it even still up I suppose would also be a good question. It was a great structure as well, although gutted and left as a mere shell the last time I saw any photos of it.

Gary's downtown has a lot of potential. It will take some risk-taking pioneers to turn the downtown area around and get the ball rolling. Those pioneers will definitely have a vision what the downtown could become with work and dedication, not to mention have some significant financial backing to make that vision materalize over time and their investments pay-off.

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