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GR Public School Foundation

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Many of the topics on UPGR end up talking about the conditions of the GRPS. I was just wondering if GRPS had an accompanying Grand Rapids Schools Foundation. Many school districts (EGR, Jenison, Northview and more) in the area have separately-run education foundations which raise money from the community (through giving and grants) and then provide money to the schools in the forms of grants (usually applied for by teachers & staff). This also provides an easy way for community members & businesses to help out the schools. Doing a quick search it doesn't look like GRPS has one of these organizations. It could be a major player in helping revitalize the schools. These organizations usually don't support core (teaching) programs but peripherals such as arts, sports, clubs, special projects, etc. This is the area where GRPS has been losing many opportunities. I was just wondering if anyone had information as to if such an organization exists or if not, why not?

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