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Fort Worth - Pecan Place - Uptown

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Fort Worth is starting to create its own Uptown district, the core of which is the huge Trinity River Vision project discussed elsewhere on this forum, but Uptown spills over the river a little ways as well. Pecan Place is being referred to as the transition between downtown and Uptown.

Pecan Place Townhomes are three stories with rooftop decks, and feature attractive, brownstone-esque brick facades. The development is at the boundary between downtown and the new Uptown district along 1st Street, and shares the neighborhood with the Pecan Place Condos and Cassidy Corner condos. All units feature two-car garages accessed by rear alleys, and some units feature elevators. Floor plans range from 1,694 square feet to 2,653 square feet, with prices ranging from $319,000 to $506,900.

One unique aspect of the townhomes are their atriums. Each unit features an open-air atrium that runs from the ground floor to the roof. Access doors on the ground floor and second floor (opening onto a wooden deck at that level) create open spaces, while the atriums also admit large quantities of natural light to the interiors.





View from the roof, showing the Pecan Place Condos across the street.


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