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Treasured Stone

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Shibao (Treasured Stone) Stockade, which lies on the northern bank of the Yangtze River 45 km east of the Zhongxian County seat, Chongqing City, is built on the side of Yuyin (Jade Seal) Mountain facing the river. Rising abruptly, the isolated peak looks like a jade seal, hence the name.

Legend has it that it was a stone left by Nu Wa (a goddess in Chinese mythology) when repairing damage to Heaven. The whole building, composed of a gate, gate tower, and an ancient Buddhist temple on the top, guards the only path up the mountain.

The cultural relics and calligraphy and paintings by famous persons unearthed in Zhongxian County since the New Stone Age are displayed in the hall. It is called one of the "world's eight great majestic buildings.

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