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hey guys

I dont know if some of you guys might be interested in this, but the LSU School of Arch host a lecture series where some very prominent architects come in and speak to the school. Im pretty sure the meetings are open to the public, although a lot of the time its standing room only anyway. But, I can forward information to here, and if anyone wants to come, your more then welcome. All lectures will take place on a wednesday at 430-5ish and last for about an hour, as for specific dates, im not sure yet.

This was the guy that came and spoke to us this past wed. He had some amazeing creditentials, includeing working on "the burj," which is now the tallest man made structure in the world.

The School of Architecture Lecture Series is pleased to present a lecture by Marshall Strabala. The lecture will take place Wednesday, September 12th at 4:30 PM in the Design Building Auditorium. The School of Architecture would like to thank Gensler for sponsoring this lecture.

J. Marshall Strabala, AIA, LEED AP

Mr. Strabala joined Gensler from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in Chicago, where he was an Associate Partner and Lead Designer. He brings 25 years of architectural experience to his new role at Gensler as lead designer. Some of the most notable examples of his work include projects at Canary Wharf in London for Morgan Stanley as well as the award-winning building for Credit Swiss First Boston at 15 The North Colonnade. A noted expert in the design of office buildings, convention centers, and performing arts venues, Strabala spent a year in Asia designing the iconic Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Strabala has lectured on architectural design to a wide range of audiences around the world and has completed projects in locations ranging from Mainland China, Korea, Europe, to the Middle East. He was the SOM Associate Partner in Charge of Design for several "supertall" mixed-use projects, including the 5-million-square-foot "The Burj Dubai" in the United Arab Emirates; at well over 160 stories, it will be the world's tallest building upon completion in 2008.

An award-winning architectural designer, Marshall Strabala is recipient of the prestigious Burnham Prize in 1996 and the AIA Chicago Chapter-Grand Projects Award, and he is an Affiliated Fellow of the American Academy in Rome. Numerous books and periodicals have featured his work, including Interiors, Context, Designers West, Metamorphosis, and Space. Mr. Strabala holds a Bachelor of Arts in Design from the University of California at Los Angeles and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University.

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Sounds neat byrde. :thumbsup:

Everbody try and stop by if you can. I'll be running a booth myself. I'll give you a hint, it's a country in Asia. :D

"Baton Rouge Center for World Affairs, Inc presents


Baton Rouge River Center

September 23rd

FREE, live music, food, dance, storytelling, native dress, flags, stage performances and educational booths representing over 40 countries provide a rich insight into the multi-cultural makeup of Baton Rouge. Entertainment, exhibits, food and visitors from around the globe will take center stage at the Baton Rouge River Center. Everyone can receive a free "passport" (stamped at each country exhibit).

Event t-shirts are availble for purchase.

Shop the International Market and dine at the Taste of Nations Food Court.

This event is made possible by hundreds of community volunteers eager to share their culture.

Event to be held rain or shine!"

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No Bryde, never even heard of it. I'll have to check it out one day, nice looking retreat! Thanks for posting. Have you been there??

How was the International Festival??

Never been there. A friend told me and wife about it recently. I'll have to check it out one day.

Wish I would have been able to make it to the International Festival. I'll have to make it next year.

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I like the look of this mixed-use? residential development! It would look nice somewhere on the edge of downtown on North Blvd or down Nicholson between downtown and LSU. Or even maybe off Corporate Blvd. near CitiPlace. What do yall think??

The Lofts at CitiPlace should start soon. But I think it will be 4-stories.


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I like the look of this mixed-use? residential development! It would look nice somewhere on the edge of downtown on North Blvd or down Nicholson between downtown and LSU. Or even maybe off Corporate Blvd. near CitiPlace. What do yall think??

The Lofts at CitiPlace should start soon. But I think it will be 4-stories.

Man richy I agree with you on that development being downtown or along Nicholson. That's the kind of thing we need south of the bridge to get young professionals excited about relocating to BR.

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OMG!!! That is a kick @ss development. That would look great on Nicholson somewhere around Red Stick Lofts. Shoot I'd take something like that anywheres really. It's very modern and contemporary I love it!!!! Is that something that someone is planning here or is it something you just found?

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Man I wish we could get something like this in just the right location. It would look great on Nicholson but I think it would also fit better in the CBD in place of those brownstones. To me the brownstones just isn't something you see in the middle of a CBD thats more of something that should be on the edges of a CBD. They would be great on Nicholson or Highland for that matter.

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Here are the pictures I took on my trip to Las Vegas. It was great. We(my parents and I) stayed at the Harrah's, road the monorail; saw the shows KA: Cirque de Soliel,Phantom of the Opera(:D), and Mac King(comdian/magician); visited the Grand Canyon and MGM Grand, The Venetian, and the New York New York hotels.Sorry I took so few, if I ever go back I'll be sure to take a lot more. :)

The trip to the Grand Canyon

Huge retaining wall


Hoover Dam Bridge










Grand Canyon




View from our Harrah's hotel room


New York New York (I road that roller coaster :D)


Night view of the Strip





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Fantastic shots Dan, thanks for posting all of them. Never been to Vegas, like the lights at night! That new Hoover Dam Bridge is insane how they chisel into the rock. But I have been to the Grand Canyon; I now know what the term "breath-taking" means! :shades: Nothing like the terrian out west!

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I know you got your shine on with some women, right :shades:

No, but I definately had the chance to. :lol: All along the strip these Hispanic people were handing out cards with naked women on them and these were everywhere 69936456cz8.jpg along with advertise trucks with billboards on the back.


My mom also pointed out some hookers in the casino which bordered the restaurnt we were eating at. :lol: And they got some busness too because two man walked up to one of them and started talking and I looked down to take a bite of my sandwich and when I looked back up they were gone. :lol:

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