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Baton Rouge Coffee House

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How true is this statement?   
"everyone in southern Louisiana works for the oil and gas industry - including the waitress at the local restaurant, the surgeons at the hospital, and the lawyers downtown".   
I feel like this statement is still "mostly" true, which is a sign that the state still needs to diversify its economy.    
Thats an interesting quote.

It rings true for alot of businesses that depend on the ebb and flow of the petrochemical industry.

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You're clearly overreacting.

Prelevant? lol Listen, I'm not going to argue about how childish you're acting in this thread. FACT: you live in Houston FACT: you were basing a developments success because you visited PR w

No, what I stated was facts. I also know the manager of a store and a restaurant at PR. Last time I heard from them they said business was slower on weekdays but was fine/average on weekends. Agai

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Interesting fact; the US 190 bridge was originally painted a high gloss dark blue, but over time the dust from the Kaiser plant coated the bridge and started staining it and all of the supports a rusty red color.     So the state just decided to repaint the whole thing a rusty red color in the 1960s; repainting it again several more times the same hue until it was repainted in 2017 in the standard battleship grey color.    

Here are some cool photos of the old Kaiser Aluminum plant (photos in 1970s and early 1980s) at the foot of the US 190 bridge.   




There's something calming and happy about the way the late afternoon light hits the old Kaiser plant and the bridge in these photos.   That plus the stacks and what I'm sure is the constant hum of the factory would probably give Baton Rouge sort of a "Martian Pittsburgh" feel.   :)



Another photo of the Kaiser plant before demolition.  This was likely taken in the early 1980s.



Would be cool to see this site redeveloped, as the plant was shuttered and torn down in the mid/late 1980s.   Easy access to 190, and I-10 is a quick hop down I-110.   And of course, deep draft access to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.  There's also multiple rail spurs already in place.     

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Yes indeed Cajun!  That's cool!    There's a mystic/nostalgia about the  "Rusty Red/Orange" color of the old Hwy 190 Bridge :shades: Remember that as a little kid.  Been a while since i have driven on it.


WOW!  This was strange! Not really into the UFO thing very much; but check out what was lurking in the distance! Looked to be about 8 of this flying objects with their faint glow.    The Media talked about this briefly ; but coverage has been  hit n miss!


APRIL FOOL's :o:w00t::silly:

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LOL!! A great tradition, Richy's pranks. I was really sitting here thinking Amazon's come and now BR is a military testing ground; I guess we've been sold out.

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On 4/2/2021 at 1:53 PM, Antrell Williams said:

Cajun, that second picture gives of some mean USSR vibes.

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It does.  Baton Rouge in the 1960s looks a lot like the USSR in 1985.   :lol:

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