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Belk Place: Carolina Theater and Hotel Intercontinental

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This is the up to date one

Got a better view for y'all from the 5th 3rd building 

Today 11:00 a.m.

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2 hours ago, Scribe said:

I'm Uptown today for a meeting and got to walk by this construction site...



So I'm comparing your image to the one KJ posted here on August 25 (below).  Correct me if I'm wrong, but is the arrival of a yellow tractor and removal of some small equipment the only change?  This particular project is the one in UT Charlotte that excites me the most, so the slow progress is a bit frustrating.  And with a possible recession coming just in time for the Grand Bohemian opening, I worry about what is going on here.


Intercontinental Aug 25.jpg

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Interesting comparison.  I do think this is slow going for a couple reasons one being you have a historical structure you have to be concerned about damaging.  Also this contractor seems slow I think it was the same one on Skye and they were slow there too.  I do think once it gets beyond this phase and starts rising above ground it will move a lot quicker.  

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This says its 420ft but only 25 floors...


This 420-ft tall complex, mixed-used project consists of a 25-story, 200-key 4-star luxury Intercontinental hotel with a rooftop ballroom and restaurant over a seven-story lower structure, which includes three levels of office, three-story lobby expansion to the historic Carolina Theatre, and one basement level.

But then, the same page has the following bit about it being 32 stories....


Source: http://www.dci-engineers.com/project/carolina-theatre-expansion-intercontinental-hotel

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who knows...?
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1 hour ago, ricky_davis_fan_21 said:

25 floors of hotel on top of a 6 floor base.

I'm guessing the there have been changes since the rendering likewyatt just posted?  Because I'm counting 30 stories on top of a 6-floor base.  Whatever the case may be, I'm breathing a sigh of relief right now knowing this is actually, for real, moving forward.  I was getting a little nervous that we might be seeing a Levine type situation play out on this lot.  Projects associated with this theater have had a very long history of that.  We have a theater in downtown San Diego built around the same time as the Carolina.  There is an almost identical story:  theater closed in the 70s, suffered damage from neglect in the years since.  An attempt to save it was made in the late '80s, but that fell apart.  A nonprofit was formed but fell apart due to lack of funding.  The building has faced the prospect of demolition for property redevelopment several times.   Pictures of the interior, with piles of rubble, look just like the inside of the Carolina in recent years.  But now here's where the story changes: it appears -- and I emphasize "appears" -- that salvation for the Carolina has finally come while the theater in SD continues to languish (although there is a second history downtown theater that was successfully restored).  I know there was that big donation from the Belk family.  And this hotel connected to it finally going up should provide impetus to get the theater project completed.  So now my question:  Just what is the status of the theater?  Are they making steady progress in restoring it?

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