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Blackstone Canal

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Not much talk about Worcester on this forum, but this might stir up some interest. They are holding their (I guess it is now annual) CanalFest along Harding Street in Worcester this Saturday, 9/8.

The Blackstone Canal played an important role in the history of Worcester. Unfortunately, this section of the canal, which stretches all the way down to Providence, was buried many, many years ago. There is a move afoot, however, to either reopen the canal, or to reconstruct a replica canal, to increase interest in this forgotten little corner of the city. At the CanalFest, they not only have exhibits and talks about the canal, but they are even reconstructing a short replica of it - about 75 feet of canal at the full width it would be (although obviously much less deep). Although it seems kinda small when you first look at it, it shows just what exists under the paved road. More information on both the Canal Fest as well as what they hope to accomplish is available here.

Oh, and for those interested, within walking distance they will also be holding their rather small, but none the less important, gay pride festival on Water st.

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