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Miesian Corners

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It's true...a new urban planeteer has joined the family. He may only be 12 days old and a couple of pounds lighter than our cat, but right now he already strongly believes:

Outdated suburban zoned parcels in midtown is absolutely inexcusible, and a 12-month moratorium on all new construction on non-urban zoned parcels in Midotwn should be enacted until planning staff can review the situation.

EIFS is a scourage, that should be limited to less than 25% of opaque surfaces.

That a 2030 transit plan is too short-sighted, and additional LRT lines and streetcars should be planned, with infrastructure and station area planning taking these future lines into account.

That the Panthers are waaaaaay better than the Patriots, but the Red Sox are pretty darn sweet (at least compared to the Yankees)

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Congratulations! I'm glad you are growing the urbanism philosophy by birth, as we don't seem to be growing by conversion :).

There is that age limit to join UP, but I'm guessing atlrvr spawn might get an exception. 16 days is old enough. :)

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